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Tristan Thompson Dreading NBA Draft: Fears A Trade Would Hurt Relationship With Khloe

The NBA Draft is going to kick off a summer of trades, and Tristan Thompson is hoping he’s not leaving the Cavs. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how he fears he could lose Khloe Kardashian.

With the June 21 draft underway, teams are going to be wheeling and dealing players and Tristan Thompson hopes he’s not going to be involved in any upcoming trades. The 27-year-old Cavalier and Khloe Kardashian, 33, have built a sweet little NBA in-season base at his home in Cleveland and he fears that their relationship could become strained if he got dealt to another city. Cavs captain LeBron James, 33, is practically one foot out the door and the team is desperate to keep their superstar happy. “The NBA Draft is one of the first chances the Cavs are going to start structuring their team to keep LeBron. And one of the things on the table is to possibly trade Tristan,” an NBA source tells EXCLUSIVELY. 

The good news for him is that so far the Cavs haven’t made any moves to unload him as of yet. The team picked up 19-year-old Alabama guard Collin Sexton with their number 8 selection and proudly welcomed him to The Land. Still, Tristan knows that the Cavaliers need to seriously alter their roster if they want to keep LeBron on the team. That means Tristan sweating out the possibility of getting unloaded to another city for players of Bron’s liking. Even fans at the draft held up signs when it was the Cavs’ turn, saying “Just pick whoever LeBron wants.”

“Tristan going to be in many draft day discussions and could be moving to a new team and he is dreading it. He doesn’t have a no trade clause so he can go anywhere and if he heads to a new city it would be a sore thumb for his relationship with Khloe. They would have to worry about moving all summer instead of enjoying the summer,” our insider adds.

When the reality star took up with Tristan, fans were shocked that she actually made a second home life in Cleveland with him, spending a lot of time away from her beloved family in Calabasas during the NBA season. She’s genuinely happy there and and gave birth to baby daughter True Thompson, in Cleveland, where the little one spent the first two months of her life. Trying to make a new city feel like home would be heartbreaking for the family. For now the three are just thrilled to be spending their summer back in Khloe’s native LA now that Tristan’s NBA season is over.