Lionel Richie Still Not ‘Ecstatic’ Sofia’s Dating Scott Disick: Did They Blindside Him With ‘Idol’ Date? – Celebrity News
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Lionel Richie Still Not ‘Ecstatic’ Sofia’s Dating Scott Disick: Did They Blindside Him With ‘Idol’ Date?

Did Sofia Richie bringing boyfriend Scott Disick to the ‘American Idol’ finale totally freak out dad Lionel Richie? We have the EXCLUSIVE details here!

It was shocking, to say the least, to see Sofia Richie, 19, roll up to night one of the American Idol finale with her 35-year-old boyfriend, Scott Disick. Especially since everyone knows that her father, Lionel Richie, disapproves of their relationship! While it would make sense that Lionel would be enraged that she brought her controversial boyfriend to the big finale of his show, it turns out that there was no drama. Sofia didn’t blindside him, a source close to the “Hello” singer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY — he knew that Scott was going to be there and was totally okay with it!

Lionel’s still not “ecstatic” about their relationship, but he’s decided to stop being vocal about his disapproval, says the source. Scott’s actually starting to grow on him. “Recently [Lionel has] softened his stance considerably. At first, Lionel thought it would never last and that [Scott and Sofia] would split up after a few months of dating, but he’s realizing that’s really not the case. He knows his best bet is to get on board, and to support Sofia rather than risk alienating her.”

You know how it goes — tell your daughter she can’t see someone anymore, and it only makes her want them more. Sofia’s an adult, and she’s still going to date Scott, whether her father approves or not. Might as well try to all get along! While we might not see Lionel and Scott hugging it out anytime soon, it sounds like everything’s going to be okay.

Scott Disick & Sofia Richie at 'American Idol'

“Lionel has never actually had an issue with Scott personally — he thinks he’s actually a pretty good guy,” the source told us. “He just didn’t like his daughter dating him, mainly because of the age gap, but also because of Scott’s reputation. But, as he’s got to know him better he realizes that Scott does actually love Sofia, and Lionel’s come to terms with them dating.”